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Requirements for using the hall
Hi there

Recently I have received an email making some requests for the continued use of the hall for GA meetings.

1. The name of a trained first-aider
2. and Fire Marshall
3. Public Liability insurance certificate

Given that we are an anonymous organisation how do I provide names for 1 and 2
Does the organisation have insurance that covers us or will we need to get our own?

We are a very small group that doesn't get much support from the organisation but struggles on.

Apologies if this is the wrong place for this post.


Hi Chaz

For questions such as this, i'd recommend you contact the National information officer on the Contact us tab above. Hopefully they will be able to help with such enquiries....

All the best in your continued GA service....

Smartie xx
Meetings help, but meetings are only a small part to how GA works....

GA is a 12 step organisation that offers the program that keeps me in recovery...

Thanks, will do

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