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Dysfunctional what did that mean to me

The word dysfunctional was used in the recovery program.

Yet what did unhealthy dysfunctional behavior mean to me.

Inability to interact with other people made me feel like I was dysfunctional, was it fear of emotional intimacy which made me feel disconnected from other people.

For me blame and justification were unhealthy very dysfunctional behaviors, fear of being honest to myself.

My justification was unhealthy knowing that my unhealthy words and unhealthy actions adversely affected another person.

Could I say that my emotional age was not that of mature person.

By being a perpetrator I was an unhealthy dysfunctional person dumping on other people.

By not being able to communicate and not able to articulate my feelings and emotions I was a very dysfunctional person.

My fear based control issues and my manipulations issues indicated that I was a  dysfunctional person.

I am  a non  religious person yet I embrace spiritual values, which helps me embrace and interact with all people both healthy and unhealthy.

By me living in fear and voiding accountability to myself I was an unhealthy dysfunctional person.

At what point would admit to myself that being a dysfunctional person was unhealthy for me and my family.

Love and peace to every one.

Dave L

AKA Dave of Beckenham

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