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GA class's
This is just a personal opinion. 

After being to 4 GA class's which failed. 
I had to self evaluate why it failed ... 
I personally had to find my triggers which were, night time online betting.
I addressed that by gamstop which stopped me being able to place a bet online completely . 
I would just like to address GA as a whole in this post as I feel all we do is speak about gambling when in reality we are trying to take it out our life. 
What chance do you have to forget a out it when once, twice or three times a week you speak about it.
Its just a thought and I'd like feedback on my opinion.
Find Your Trigger

Welcome and thank you for the post.

I found that talking about my compulsive gambling and how much destruction, damage and also depression it did to my life and others around me is a great reminder of why I was in the room in the first place. Being able to admit that I was powerless over my compulsive gambling and my life was also unmanageable was a huge step for myself.

I would listen carefully to other members "war stories" because more often than not there would be something in them that I could realate too and would benefit my my own recovery. People at the meeting would speak at great lengths about there resentments that they had encountered in there day, week's and life's. At first I fought this was odd, but after reading the GA litature it does say that resentments can be a culprit for realaspes, so getting theses issues of my chest in a non judgemental environment was a force for good in my recovery.

I have been out of action nearly 2 years now, and the thought of gambling has never gone away if I am honest and I genuinely believe it wont, it is always lurking around in the shadows of my mind trying to strike at my weakest moment's, but GA has taught me good solid spiritual principals and a understanding the great need to avoid the first bet at all costs.

The recovery program the fellowship suggest is my way of life, reading the 'just for today's" everyday and making a genuine effort to apply them daily has really helped me, I am feeling I am becoming the person I have always wanted to be, one day at a time.

Happy, confident and at peace with myself.

All the best with your journey.

In Unity
My name is Martin, I am a compulsive gambler, my last bet was 29.9.2017. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things that I can, and wisdom to know the difference.
GA isn't for everyone and meetings are all different. The reason meetings normally "fail" for someone is lack of willingness or acceptance. GA isn't just about talking about our gambling but about how we feel and how we are doing. It's not just about stopping gambling, although that is our primary purpose, but about changing ourselves and why we gambled. GA asks any new member to give us 90 days and then review your decision. You can also work a steps program which is designed to bring about a change of character by various methods, including making amends to those we have affected and hurt. By simply shutting down one path to gambling doesn't right a lifetime of wrongs.
Identifying one type of gambling that you did is great and putting blocks in place is exactly the right thing to do, but in experience unless you attend GA regularly and talk about you, your past and your now, you will find another way to gamble, be it bookies or arcades or online using a different name.

My experience is 40 plus years of gambling hell losing everything I ever held dear with GA and commitment to the program the only thing that ever worked help me get abstinence from gambling.

Try it your way and remember that GA is always here if your way doesn't work.
How do I stop gambling?



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