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In my recovery I would face each of my fears.

The recovery program was a healing process for me.

Only by listing my fears could I do some thing about them.

There was fear of rejection, there was fear of failure, there was fear of humiliation, there was fear of emotional intimacy, there was fear of the dentist, there was fear of dying, there was fear of not being good enough, there was fear of the opposite sex, there was fear of not being able to reach peoples expectations of me, there was fear of being emotionally vulnerable, there was fear of losing my job, there was fear of being alone.

Most of my fears were ten out of ten.

To reduce my fears I needed to take my biggest fear first of all.

With my biggest fear I need to ask myself what is the very worst that can happen if this fear happens.

I need to face all the possibilities.

Only when I am willing to face all of the possibilities of the worst that can happen my fear reduces.

Do I live in any kind of fear today, if so what am I willing to do about it.

Today I do not have a fear greater than three.

With each fear reducing the possibilities of becoming healthy grew.

Love and peace to every one.

Dave L

AKA Dave of Beckenham.

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