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6 months on
Ok so back six months ago found out my husband was a sever gambler. He had taken out a fortune in my name £**,***. And more in his. We went though an extremely tough summer. I began opening his letters which was an eye opener found out he had soo much more that when asked he didn’t have a clue about. His gambling had escalated. That much that he had forgotten what he had taken it was chaotic behaviour and he’s lost total control of normality. He was chasing the rainbow which at the end wasnt gold; unfortunately 6 months in and despite full support from not only me but my parents he was caught again I won’t go into detail but he was gambling again not on my account. Again he was caught out.
The response I got was the worst part away from all the money. He told me he did it because I was monitoring his money. I asked why again and we have supported you for 6 months and got to some sort of place. His response was devastating.  I don’t feel a thing for you and I don’t love you any more. 
After 16 years of being together 12 years married two children he walked away. 

I received two further letters last week. One from Scottish Power he stopped payments in December??? 
The other one wanting to take goods from house only to the value of ***. He’s still burying his head in the sand and living in a spare room at his mums flat . 

He’s left me to sort all his and my finances open his post which he can’t now intervene  and support the house and children. 

I hope anyone reading this will think a little About the impact it has on other people. My girls are a mess, one wetting bed first time ever and she’s 8. I’m on steroids now as that poorly with stress and run down. Got a 14 year old who cries and her life has just been blown apart. This part of her life is soo  impressionable and he’s taken it away. He’s in hiding. It’s just really sad as he had it all.

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