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Being more committed towards healthy habits in my life and getting motivated

Abstaining just means you have been committed to not cause your self or others pains today.

The unhealthy addictions, the unhealthy obsessions, and unhealthy habits indicated that I did not value myself.

The addictions and obsessions were a form of me escaping people life and situations when I could not cope with emotionally.

By being accountable to myself I would set a boundary just for today I will not gamble.

By me setting a boundary was not for any one but myself, no matter what happens today I will not gamble.

By being accountable to myself I would write down my needs, write down my wants and write down my goals.

My emotional triggers were my pains were my fears, were my frustrations, were my loneliness, and were my boredom.

I am a non religious person and questioned if I was a non religious person could I find healing in the recovery program.

Yes today I can confirm by working my recovery and filling my time with healthy interests I would no longer feel bored.

My feeling bored was due to the fact that I use to think that I loved gambling and that life as boring, was that true.

Before my recovery my motives were not very healthy, I did things reluctantly, I did things resentfully, I did things at the very last moment, I would in effect stress myself out.

Procrastinating I was stressing myself out all of the time, yet why do we procrastinate.

Do we procrastinate because we fear being commited, because we lack confidence, because we fear failing, because we fear the out come, because we have lost all faith and hope in our self.

Sadly by fearing do thing and not trying I am cheating myself.

Every mistake every error I make is some thing I learn from.

By avoiding doing something I am cheating myself of the learning experience.

Each day as I write down my needs my wants and my goals, I am staying focused on just for today.

As I tackle each need I stay focused on it, once I have completed one need I cross them out.

As I tackle each want I stay focused on it, once I have completed one want I cross them out.

Also by being committed I replace each unhealthy habit with a healthy habit.

Each time I take inventory of my day, were my actions and words healthy towards myself and  my actions and words healthy towards all other people.

Was I patient and tolerant with myself, was I patient and tolerant with other people.

As I heal instead of reacting in unhealthy ways and learn to interact in healthy ways with myself and with other people.

The recovery program is about us healing, it is about us becoming more self sufficient, it is about us becoming more committed to our self. 

Love and peace to everyone.

Dave L

AKA Dave of Beckenham.

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