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Suicidal thoughts
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Hi feeling suicidal
Broke out this year causing major distress
Going to meetings now trying to deal with it all
Cant think straight
Hi ive been to 3 meetings last week which helped but feel my mind is unravelling
Off work so at home. Feeling afraid.
Hi Aj1,

Please speak to a Doctor about how you are feeling. I was suicidal when I first came into recovery, if you are afraid of what you might do, then please call 999 and seek emergency treatment. There is help available, please do not feel that you are alone in this battle.

In Unity

One day at a time.  My last bet was 15/03/2016 and I hope and pray each day that it stays that way.
Ok thank you i will take care thx for your message. Today has been ok so far
Trying to get appt with gp today
If you can't for whatever reason get that appointment or you don't feel its helped, then A and E or ringing other places like the Samaritans have helped me from time to time....

Never think you are alone in this journey....

keep in touch

Smartie xx
Meetings help, but meetings are only a small part to how GA works....

GA is a 12 step organisation that offers the program that keeps me in recovery...


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