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By going back to my addictions and obsessions was a form of escape for me

The addictions and the obsessions were a form of escape for me from people life and situations I could not cope with emotionally.

The addictions and the obsessions were a symptom that I was emotionally vulnerable.

The addictions and the obsessions were a complete waste of time and energy.

I am a non religious person yet I do embrace spiritual values in my life today.

My anger was due to my pains not healed, my fears not faced and due to my frustrations due to my unreasonable expectations of  people life and situations.

Before my recovery I was a loner, I use to live a facade where I thought and felt that money would heal my inner child.

By me being dysfunctional I reacted in such unhealthy ways.

Money was the fuel for my addictions, I did not value money and I did not value myself.

There is an implication that feeling pride in our self is unhealthy.

For me feeling pride in my self is very healthy and is the reward for being a healthy interactive person with all people.

Often the recovery program raised more questions that answers, yet it stimulated me.

I see the recovery program as very much like mountain climber who find healthy safe paths through their lives.

As I heal my hurt inner child I feel more connected with like minded people in the recovery program.

For me being in the recovery program has opened my mind to learning much healthier skills in my life.

The person I feared facing the most was myself, I got to know myself much more in my sharing therapies.

By being consumed by my addictions and my obsessions I was not reaching my full potential and I was wasting away.

I could not or would not compliment myself, I could not ask for help, I use to hear good advice yet could not act up on it.

The recovery program was just text and words, not until I put in to practice things I heard could I grow heal and reach a higher potential in my every day life.

The recovery program is not about right wrong good or bad, it is about becoming whole and healthy.

For me people saying what is right wrong good or bad is a criticism and is not very helpful.

In my therapies I talk about me and what is healthy or what is unhealthy today.

Often people will transfer their pains fears and frustrations on to other people.

This is very unhealthy and in time I did not want to hurt myself or hurt other people.

For me the recovery program helped me get connected with goal setting like minded people.

My local group has been very helpful in me getting out of myself.

Am I healing my hurt inner child today.

Has my procrastinations been reduced.

Do I feel more connected with other people in healthy ways today.

How much more effort can I put in to my healthy actions and my healthy words today.

Love and peace to every one

Dave L

AKA Dave of Beckenham

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