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New member
Hi,I’m new to this site, I don’t want know where to start, i was introduced to online gambling about 3 years ago, I didn’t really use it At first it’s been I’ve over the past year where it has got has got increasly worse, where the majority of my wages would go to gambling, Iv only had one big win which was only about £xx, I feel sick with the amount iv spent, most of my savings have gone within a few weeks, Iv self excluded my self from all sites, because I knew I had to stop, my  partner doesn’t know I just feel guilty that Iv been doing this firstly it was out of boredom but now it’s a full addiction, constantly worrying about how’s am I going to survive the rest of the month, all my bills are payed for but when I think of the hard earned money I have sent makes me feel sick.
So today is the day I’m facing this head on and come to terms with I do have a gambling addition 
Thanks for reading  Heart

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