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Sorting debt
Hi. New here after deciding about a week ago to quit online roulette. It's cost me £xx over 3 years and I'm sure I have now exhausted all possible ways and softwares that might have turned me into a winner. I don't really feel a compulsion to play now. I've not had any other addictions like slots or sports nettings, just roulette. 

I have started a debt management program to make all my card and loan repayments affordable. One loan I only took out a few weeks ago and no doubt fibbed a bit in applying as I was desperate. Given I've not made any repayments yet they are not happy and said they will investigate it thoroughly. I'm worried what will happen when they discover I lied to get the loan? So far I haven't said the debts are cos of gambling but even if I did I don't suppose they'll care. 

Can anyone who's been in a similar situation tell me what to expect? I don't care about bad credit rating or defaults, I know that's coming. I'm just worried about being taken to court for fraud or something?
Hey Sam,

Sure others will jump in soon....just wanted to say we tend to offer experience over advice in GA....

So....i needed to seek help too....went to Citizens advice, debtline, cccs (which is now Stepchange) and they helped me on the fundamentals.  

They may also be able to point you in the right direction if they can't assist you....

As to the gambling itself, i'm glad to hear you currently don't have the compulsion to play, but keep in mind that especially when the pain is bad, that can be normal..   Often the urge / habit / illness tends to come back when you least expect it and for that, GA may be able to help....Keep in mind...

Smartie xx
Meetings help, but meetings are only a small part to how GA works....

GA is a 12 step organisation that offers the program that keeps me in recovery...

Thanks Smartie, I have indeed used step change to get the debt management plan underway. They seem to really be in your corner. I just want to pay it off in affordable amounts now. It started as a way to make extra money and slowly got me into more debt, I did win sometimes of course and would keep thinking I'd found a winning method. However I really have exhausted just about everything there is for roulette, nothing works enough of the time to make good profits. That's why I think I'm now over it, as it was always about money for me. I thought roulette could be my winning lottery ticket. So I'm hoping I don't have a compulsion as such, and I was just very deluded to believe there was a way to make daily money at that game. Having finally accepted that dream is over I just want to move on from it as best I can. I actually do do match betting too and have no compulsion at all to mug bet on sport, it's all about money for me and I've been very stupid/naive. :-(

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