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First Post
Hi everyone, this is quite hard for me to write because I'm not entirely sure what to say.

I feel I've got to a point where I need to make a change, I'm slowly getting worse and I'm not totally at destructuon point but it wont be long. 

Just writing this out to a bunch of strangers who may not even read it and dont need to reply makes it real, which is what a need, a reality check. 

Any advice would be appreciated but I am tentatively making the first steps to change.
Hi Cdclfc00,

I remember my first cautionary steps when i knew something was very wrong. I'd tried so many times to stop what everyone else told me was a choice yet i was struggling to understand why i kept returning to gambling.

Shining a light on the problem helped to some extent. I came to understand compulsive gambling could be an addiction and that for those more progressive it could have very serious consequences, so i eventually accepted things had to change.

After many faltering attempts trying to stop, I eventually found GA. I wish i could tell you things were straight forward from there, but i'd be lying. Recovery has been rocky and adventurous.....At times I've felt like thinking it was hopeless and that i'd never manage to stop, but the biggest thing i tried to remind myself is that there is hope in GA.

Ga has a problem of recovery that its members are encouraged to use but its all about choice. So i can do as much or as little recovery work, but i need to be honest with myself about what that means. Generally what i put into my recovery, i tend to get out.

So...what now for you? Well its a difficult time in the world with coronavirus and all of our groups are closed, but that won't last forever. In the meanwhile you could contact your nearest group as many have online sessions whilst we are in lockdown, but i'd also encourage you from my own recovery to keep an open mind to other recovery tools you could take advantage of......

hope this helps in some way. Any questions, thoughts, please feel free to reply. Wish you the best....

Smartie xx
Meetings help, but meetings are only a small part to how GA works....

GA is a 12 step organisation that offers the program that keeps me in recovery...

(24-05-2020, 08:22 PM)Cdclfc00 Wrote: Hi

This opening up is a very healthy thing to do.

Keep connecting with people in healthy recoveries.

For me my addictions and my obsessions were an unhealthy way of escaping my feelings and my emotions.

The more I got consumed by unhealthy addictions and my unhealthy obsessions my lies grew and grew. 

It almost seemed impossible to hand over my finances to my wife.

Simply I could not be trusted with money.

The more I got consumed by unhealthy addictions and my unhealthy obsessions the unhealthier I got and my fears drowned me. 

Once I took my recovery seriously there was a reduction of my fears, there was less times I had to lie.

It was very hard for me to open up and admit to myself how unhealthy I had become.

My unhealthy addictions were a form of self destruction, were a form of self inflicted pains.

Please stick with the recovery program it is so important to our healing of our pains and give us a chance to live healthy lives.

Dave L

AKA Dave of Beckenham

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