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Thanks Smartie.

I can't wait for meetings to return, I really can't. Had a bit of a bad 2 weeks with emotions around different things, I've abstained thankfully, but feeling like getting back to physical meetings will help me keep them in check, help not feel as low or down. Not too far from 90 days now.

My last bet was the 3rd June 2020, long may that continue.
Just coming on here as a way of updating and keeping my addiction at the forefront of my mind. On Wednesday 2nd September, I passed the 90 day mark with no gambling. Its been strange and I don't feel as much sense of achievement as I did last time I achieved this and I think its down to things being done differently this time round and not attending any physical meetings. Its a shame as my area is on the cause for concern list if you like with Covid so I am unsure what the time frame is going to be until I can go back to a psychical meeting, but I am checking the list constantly.

My life is going well. I am doing ok at work, I am a probably healthier and fitter than I have ever been exercising regularly. My partner has recently come back into my life and that's made the world of difference in terms of the change in my mood. Things have been great, but I know that there is going to be occasions where we have blips or I am not believed with things, but I know I need to be patient on this front and accept this as it occurs due to what I have done in the past. In these times its where I need to be strongest most.

Hopefully it is not long now, as I know it will keep me so motivated getting back to a physical meeting on a regular basis.

My last bet was the 3rd June 2020, long may that continue.

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