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Debt, depression and despair
Hi guys and girls, 

I feel like my life is just about to fall apart. It's just knowing when the best time to do it is.

Of course, there is never a good time.

To cut a long story short. I am a compulsive gambler with a loving wife who wants nothing more than to buy a house and have kids.

Obviously my traits mean I keep all money concerns to myself and get angry when she questions when we can buy a house. She knows I am in debt, but she thinks it's around the xx mark. In truth, it's around xx.

My addiction has led to depression and lies upon lies. I have arranged a meeting with a therapist as I know it can no longer continue. But coming completely clean has the potential for me to be moving home with my mum should my wife decide enough is enough.

She has every right to. It's always a lie. I relapsed at Cheltenham last Autumn and though came clean about the gambling, didn't mention the financials. My relationship with money is awful and I have no dreams or aspirations anymore.

Wish me luck.

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