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Living Just for today only is very important

Living Just for today only is very important is taking things slowly.

For me the pains of my past caused me to live in fear stress and anxiety most days.

Then because I was not able to for give myself or be tolerant and patent with myself.

My life was very much unhealthy reactions to people life and situations.

It was impossible for me to talk to people to be honest and trust people because of the pains of my past.

Yet by being in the spiritual recovery program as I got more honest about my feelings and emotions my fears reduced gradually.

I am a non religious person yet understand today you do not need to be a religious person to become a healthy person.

I would justify my unhealthy reactions because I could not cope emotionally.

In time I understood that deep down I was a good person yet I could not help myself from reacting in such unhealthy ways.

I use to say that I wanted because of the pains I was experiencing.

For me today is it was not justice I wanted but vengeance I wanted transfer my pains fears and frustration on to other people.

Before my recovery and healing my coping skills were non existent, I would lie to escape responsibility, I would deviate, I would put on a facade, I would put on a to hide the hurt inner child in me.

Because of trauma my emotional age and physical age did not match up.

At what point in my life would I acknowledge my hurt inner child, at what point in my life would my inner child be at  peace.

There was a person whop once said he was glad he was a compulsive gambler, my first reaction he was nuts, then he simply explained that by taking the recovery program seriously and healing over time he became aware of how unhealthy and emotionally vulnerable he was.

My life today is filled with honesty, very little fears, my healthy actions and my healthy words have increased my confidence.

I am able to understand my needs wants and my goals, I face my fears most days.

The only person that limited me was myself.

In the spiritual recovery program I understand that I am an equal, in understanding that simple fact if another person can achieve new skills each day so can I.

Loneliness and isolation was a way of life for me, kept things bottled up with in me.

Being in the spiritual recovery program I understand there is no healthy reason for me to hide from myself or other people.

Being in the spiritual recovery program I learn to trust once more, by talking about my past is not longer about blaming other people.

By talking about my past I am getting resolve and healing my hurt inner child.

There is no limit what I can achieve with my life today, my goals extend further as I achieve more healthy interactions.

My expression of my gratitude and my appreciation is an expression of my healthy values today.

Only when I value myself can I value other people.

Love and peace to every one.

Dave L

AKA Dave of Beckenham.

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