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Once I abstained from unhealthy habits I could get motivated and become healthier.

Motivation was some thing I needed to learn and understand. Every time I did any thing for an unhealthy reason I cheated myself. If I did things out of duty I was cheating myself. If I did things out of guilt or shame I was cheating myself. If I did things resentfully or reluctantly I was cheating myself. For sure I was an adrenaline junkie life was not fast enough for me. If people love or hate me that is their problem not mine. What people think of me is not important I know the truth about myself. Is that inner child free today. Can I be free of all fears today. Can I be unconditionally honest today. Can I give of myself unconditionally today. Do I value time and people love today. Do I value people friendships and their love today. 

My healthy productive time and healthy relationships are very valuable and precious to me today.

Can I be myself today.

Dave L

AKA Dave Of Beckenham

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