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No matter when you gambled being in meetings is the best and healthiest place to be
(08-12-2021, 08:19 AM)gadaveuk Wrote: Hi

There were important things that I needed to do but did not want to do to help me with my recovery.

Give up talking and thing about Gambling or money lost.

To give up access to large amounts of money to some one I truly trusted.

In meeting talk about how vulnerable I was emotionally.

Talk about my fears my pains my frustrations my loneliness and my boredom.

No matter when my last bet was keep going to as MANY meetings a week as I could get to.

The simple fact if I am in meetings I am not gambling.

To write down for my own viewing the exact amount of how much money I owed.

Get to talk to at least one healthy sponsor who is open to talking about any thing which was troubling me.

Work out your finances as to how money you can a ford paying back to your debtors.

I owed 5 or 6 debtors and over the years reduced debts back to completely cleared.

Once you pay all funds you can become vulnerable so be very careful you get more support at this time.

It was difficult to stop seeing people in any unhealthy actions because I use to think that were my friends.

This was difficult yet again very important.

It was not healthy to go to see or meet people inside Gambling establishments.

You can think there are free meals or cheap meals not healthy.

In my wording I use to say I have to, this implied my thinking was obsessive.

In time I would write down my lists of my needs my wants and then importantly my goals.

By my talking in focus what was a need and what was a want thing.

A want thing can be some thing I reward myself with.

By writing down my goals help me focus on today and tomorrow.

Living in the pains of my past was not healthy or any way Beneficial

As we learn to heal our pains we tend to learn from our past and not live in it.

As we heal our pains our fears also reduce, as our fears reduce we are open to more intimacy and closer relationships and friends.

Before my healing and my recovery was seriously in motion I was not ready to have a close sexual encounter, this was not wise as I was not ready for it emotionally.

Often the meetings raised more questions than answers, it was important to talk to people after meetings to help see things more clearly.

Having more than one sponsor was very healthy and often people would have more experience in dealing with certain issues in my life.

I did not fully grasp emotional resolve or understanding firstly in my recovery.

It takes much time to understand when I am emotionally vulnerable and how to deal with things with out going in to panic and fear mode in a split second.

As I got more stimulated with getting things doe I was able to take on more challenges in my life.

At one time I even was able to rebuild a small extension on our house in England.

I did every thing myself, it was a big challenge for me yet once you get things done you tend to think what can I do next.

In time I started to buy tools, I started to think that if I use my tools it was cheaper than paying some one else to do the jobs.

But having the tools like recovery I went from feeling so worthless and useless to having confidence in myself and also self worth. 

Time in recovery is investing in our self, it is a very useful healthy investment.

It is very important to not give up on our self no matter what happens in our life.

Having a healthy sponsor gives us the choice to think things out clearly and to not react in an unhealthy way and to not do any thing which will adversely affect myself or other people.


Love and peace to everyone.
Dave L
AKA Dave Of Beckenham UK

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