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Guide to writing a story or commenting on another story
When you enter this section you will see many posts from other people. The top level posts that you see are other people's stories. If you would like to write your own story click on the New Topic Button. You will then see a page appear with a subject box where you can enter the title and then a panel below where you can write your text. After you have finished writing your text, simply scroll to the bottom and click submit. There is also a preview button where you can check your newly written post before you submit it. Pressing the preview button will show you what it will look like to other people.

Check your posts for spelling mistakes as the moderators will only moderate content and not grammatical errors.

Do not use foul or offensive language; do not use specific amounts or values of money.
Do not verbally attack any establishment or person/persons or organisations, this will only result in your post being declined and deleted.

If you want to post a comment on someone else's story it is the exact same process but instead of clicking the New Topic Button you click the Reply To Post Button.

Please remember that every story and comment goes to a moderator first before it is accepted so there may be a delay before your item appears. This is to ensure that the rules and guidelines are adhered to.
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