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Do's and Dont's
Gamblers Anonymous UK has a chat room that has been running succesfully for quite some time. We have an official GA meeting which is advertised on the site when you log into the chatroom. We do however at times have people that do not use the chat room as intended and this of course we do not tolerate. Please see below for some basic chat room guidlines

1 - The chat room as it is open chat, can't be moderated 100% of the time and the content displayed on there from other people is not the responsability of Gamblers Anonymous UK.
2 - If you see anyone not following the guidlines or being rude, aggresive or arrogant please inform a moderator who will deal with the situation.
3 - We do have a number of moderators who can warn people if their behaviour is not satisfactory and at times will remove people from the chat room. Please be aware that when you are permanantly removed you will not be able to get back on.
4 - Please be courteous to other people in the chat room at all times.
5- Do not swear as some people will find this offensive.
6 - Do not give out any personal details such as full name, address, email or telephone number. If you do this it is at your own risk.
7- Most importantly enjoy your time there.
God Grant Me The Serenity.......

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