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24th December
DECEMBER 24 Reflection for the Day

We came to Gamblers Anonymous as supplicants, literally at the ends of our ropes. Sooner or later, by practicing GA’s Twelve Steps of Recovery, we discover within ourselves a very precious thing. We uncover a serenity through which we can be comfortable in all places and situations. We gain strength and grow – with the help of God as we understand Him, with the Fellowship of the Gamblers Anonymous Program, and by applying the Twelve Steps of Recovery to our lives.

Can anyone take my new life from me?

Today I Pray
May my prayers of desperate supplication, which I brought as a newcomer to the Gamblers Anonymous Program, change to peaceful surrender. Now that I have seen what can be done through the Program and the endless might of a Higher Power, may my gift to others be that strong conviction. I pray that those I love will have the faith to find their own spiritual experiences and the blessings of peace.

Today I Will Remember
Peace – inner and outer – is the greatest blessing.
God Grant Me The Serenity.......

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