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I don't know what to do. I have gambled us into debt, I don't have my morgage money due in 2 weeks, I have other debts I can't pay. There are no meetings held where I live, I feel too ashamed to tell anyone. I am at my wits end, please help.
Hi Jean, Ring up someone we have plenty of members who have the same problem and plenty of us are ladies too, it will be the best call u can make
Hello Jean,

Thankyou for your post. As a compulsive gambler myself who attends meetings on an "as and when I can" basis I can relate somewhat to your situation. Not all that long ago I too was at my wits end. I had just gambled the remainder of my giro and had no food in the house. I went to the Citizens Advice Bureau and wrote down the contact details for GA. Today you have the advantage of being able to find GA from the comfort of your keyboard and it is commendable that you have done so. To start answering your plea for "help" I would like to focus on some of the positives of your situation - you may think there are none but carry on reading.
OK (1) You have surfed on down to <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> which is a wonderful source of information for someone in your position. (2) You have "posted" on the "forum" which shows (however slightly) that you admit you have something of a problem. (3) You are "at your wits end" - how is this a positive you may think, well being at this stage you are likely to be willing to do what is required to resolve your situation. (4) You have made a written record of your feelings the other day - it is anonymous, only you know who you are and only you know where you live. The big positive here is that you can look at this in days and weeks to come and remember where gambling took you.
So, what can you do? The first port of call should be to go to a meeting. You say there are no meetings where you live but how far away from where you live is the nearest one? Are you prepared to travel that far for a new life? What else can you do, well whilst you are pondering going to a meeting, wherever that may be, have a surf on down
to the tab immediately to the right of "home" (I think its called "about") and have a look at all the information there. The FAQ section contains "frequently asked questions" and the answers to them. You should focus on sorting your gambling problem and there really is no substitute for a meeting. The financial mess has been caused by gambling - please remember that - you have said it yourself - it follows therefore that gambling will NOT solve it! The Citizens Advice Bureau (number in phone book) can help with the debts and their help is FREE. However you must focus on the gambling (and I make no apology for repeating this) in order to recover to a new and better life.
Hope this is of help to you and maybe see you at a meeting somewhere soon.

Yours in GA unity

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