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I am sedat, 27, just want to say that i hate myself betting. i was 17 when i first placed a bet guess what it was a winner, since then i got addicted to it, i hate the thought of going in to bookies with lots of money and walking out with nothing. i feel i am a big loser, failure. i hate myself for that. i have lost thousands, enough to pay for house. i feel there is only one winner, thats the bookies and we are always the losers. through gambling i got into debts owed banks thousands overdrafts you name it i done it. greyhounds, horse racing football, roullette. i have lost my girl friend i feel worthless now. last time when i lost money was on 11/12/2009 that was a lot my wages and my savings. i feel gutted cant sleep cant stop worrying after readindg peoples comments on here i have decide to pack it in for good, hopefully 2010 will be when i will officially stoped betting for good.
i have lost about thousands of pounds this year, deep in debt but i am lucky, my girlfriend is going to help me through my addiction but i am willing to give it up because i knew there is going to be 1 winner and that is the bookies. i am 1 of the LUCKY ones because i have someone to help me through my addiction. i can only hope anyone that reads this can realise that gambling is an addiction like alcohol or drugs and can cost your family and friends .

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