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I got into debt when I was 18 and started gambling as a hope to get out of debt. I started betting on football and tennis had big wins and lost the rest of the time, never really got anywhere but it took up the time I had on my hands because I never had money to go out. I’m just coming up to paying off my debts and have been playing blackjack a lot. I win a lot of the time big but end up raising my stakes and losing it all always believing I can just win it back but I’m maxed out and owe money to my family who desperately need it. I won the other day and transferred the money I owed, well that’s what I thought but I didn’t confirm
the transfer and carried on gambling. By the time I’d realised the money hadn’t transferred I’d carried on until I’d lost everything. Now I just want an end to this life there is no way out now and I am so ashamed I’ve worked so hard to pay these debts since I was 18 and I’m back to square one when they should be paid off now. There is no reason to this life, I just hurt people.
Hi Luke,

My position is kind of similar to yours, I borrowed and I'm ashamed to say occaisionally stole money from my family to fund my gambling. If your family is anything like mine seeing you recovering and stopping gambling will mean way more to them than paying the money back through a bit of luck.

It's incredible how things can turn around. 3 months ago I had to beg the gas man not to cut me off, now I'm slowly learning how to manage my money without relying on winning to fill in the gap.

It may seem like the things can't possibly get better, but give it a chance and slowly it will.


Hi Luke,

Your story reminds me of myself, before I went to my first GA meeting just over a year ago.

One of the first things I learned is not to be ashamed. Compulsive gambling is an illness, which is unfortunately hidden by all the glitz and glamour of the gambling industry.

I dont know if you have made a meeting yet, but it would really help you if you did.

Just seeing and meeting other people with similar problems to myself really helped me.

I also found that my friends and family were more supportive than I expected. I would expect you might find the same.

You will also find people at GA meetings can offer support in a way that people without gambling problems cant. Basically because they understand from a first hand point of view your situation.

I also learn some great tips on avoiding gambling at my meetings. There are some simple precautions that can really help. Like not carrying cash. Or self-excluding yourself from gambling establishments, or online casinos.

Its not easy, but if you dont give up, you will find eventually things will get better.

It’s the 1st January 2010 and a fresh year. I’ve posted a comment on here just a little about my situation. Please read it.

There is a life out there for you if you want it and it can be gamble free. Believe me I know as I have won and lost it all and I’m not talking about money I’m talking about the important things in life.

I just received a lovely comment from a lady called Amanda. Never met her, don’t know anything about her but yet this lady commented on my situation offering support.

Treat today as a new day like every day.

My name is Steven, I’m 41 and a compulsive gambler but I will do my utmost not to bet today.

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