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i'm not sure if i have a gambling problem or not, i still live at home with parents so i dont have a great deal of bills to pay, so each payday i get the bills sorted out first and i have a few hundred left for the month to last me. my problem is i cant seem to spend that money on "normal things", DVD's i want, going out with friends to cinema etc, new clothes..i think to myself its a waste buying those things as once the money i have spare is gone, theres nothing left, so instead i decide to gamble the spare money i have to try and win so i can buy the luxury items i want. a few times this happens but more often than not i lose the money gambling and after i think, why the hell did i do that, i could have bought all these things i wanted if i didn't gamble this money, then its a long 4 weeks till next payday, for a day i think right, thats it no more gambling, but a day or two later or my time its payday again, i have that gambling feeling back and want to correct what happened last month, as i can't be unlcuky 2 months in a row......can i....? YES!

how can you get out of the way of thinking about money, and not able to just buy normal things without thinking its a waste spending it on those things!

(i am able to quit things as i haven't drank alcohol in over years and stopped eating sweats for 3 years, but gambling is the hardest thing i've come accross to quit, i think its the mentallity and money as mentioned above that stopping me)
i have the same problem as yourself and i feel its got uncontrollable.
i really dont know what to do with myself and i a constantly depressed. i hate saying this but sometimes i feel suicide is the only option available to me. although i could never do it.
i get paid on the 24th of the month i have payday loans out so i am constantly in a vicious spiral out of control.
dont worry, i'm the same as well. when payday comes, out goes the bills, and straight to the bookies with the remainder i have left. lose it all in 1 day, then i took out payday loans. now all my wages are used on credit card, bank loan repayments, and i havent got any money for the payday loans, so im having to take more payday loans to repay the payday loans. i took out a payday loan today for petrol for the car, but went to bookies thinking i will get some more money to pay off some debt, ended up losing most of it, and having only a little left for petrol. i just wanted to go back in there and rob them.
Dear Problem, Andy & Wayne29

On the GA site you will find the " twenty questions". Answer them honestly. If you do answer them honestly you will be on the first step towards overcoming your problems.
Unless you realise/admit you have a problem you will continue on this merry-go-round your on. It may get far worse than you can realise.
In my lifetime I have gambled away 100's of thousands of dollars. AND that is from a bloke who is earning below the average wage here in Australia. You do not have to earn big money to gamble big. The credit providers are only too willing to lend you money. It is not their responsibility that you are throwing your future away. I have heard terrible stories about this addiction & where it can lead... family break-up, assault, jail, murder, suicide....
I myself attempted suicide. <!-- sCry --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_cry.gif" alt="Cry" title="Crying or Very Sad" /><!-- sCry -->

GA can only help if you are willing to help yourself.

Best wishes
I was a bookmaker and punter and hid behind the bookmaker job to deny that I was and always will be a compulsive gambler.

If you can afford the money to gamble or don’t even go in to debt to gamble in my opinion has no relevance on if you have a gambling problem or not. The fact that you typed gamblers anonymous or something similar in to a search engine would suggest to me that you know in your own mind what you are.

You have the rest of your life in front of you no matter if this is one day or a million days so for you the question is what you want to do with it. I’ve used every trick in the book to sneak off to the bookies or to the dogs and then of course along came internet gambling so that just made it so much easier.

Ask yourself the questions all of us on here have asked and if you find the answer to any of them is yes then there is your answer.

Good luck with your future you’re a brave guy to have posted your story on here now be brave for the biggest battle of your life and make you proud of you!

My name is Steven, I’m 41 and will always be a compulsive gambler but on New Years Day 2010 I sure have not had a bet today and the next time one of the Big Bookmakers need to carpet out a shop or put a big corporate event on at Royal Ascot it wont be with my hard earned wages.
its my first time on here, ive been gambling for about 10 years now, the last 5 ive been getting worse, ive got a fiance a little boy 2 and a baby on the way but i fear im going 2 lose it all because of gambling, every thursday i get paid go straight 2 bookies lose all the money ive got 2 last all week,ask every body for money, lie about what i need it for,any time i have money i go straight 2 bookies or the pub 2 play poker, get really depressed at work and at home, sometimes go 2 the casino at midnight on thursday, i owe lads at work, at football, familly dont know what 2 do anymore, sometimes i just dont care about anything apart from getting money for a bet

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