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Dear Problem, Andy & Wayne29

On the GA site you will find the " twenty questions". Answer them honestly. If you do answer them honestly you will be on the first step towards overcoming your problems.
Unless you realise/admit you have a problem you will continue on this merry-go-round your on. It may get far worse than you can realise.
In my lifetime I have gambled away 100's of thousands of dollars. AND that is from a bloke who is earning below the average wage here in Australia. You do not have to earn big money to gamble big. The credit providers are only too willing to lend you money. It is not their responsibility that you are throwing your future away. I have heard terrible stories about this addiction & where it can lead... family break-up, assault, jail, murder, suicide....
I myself attempted suicide. <!-- sCry --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_cry.gif" alt="Cry" title="Crying or Very Sad" /><!-- sCry -->

GA can only help if you are willing to help yourself.

Best wishes

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