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I was a bookmaker and punter and hid behind the bookmaker job to deny that I was and always will be a compulsive gambler.

If you can afford the money to gamble or don’t even go in to debt to gamble in my opinion has no relevance on if you have a gambling problem or not. The fact that you typed gamblers anonymous or something similar in to a search engine would suggest to me that you know in your own mind what you are.

You have the rest of your life in front of you no matter if this is one day or a million days so for you the question is what you want to do with it. I’ve used every trick in the book to sneak off to the bookies or to the dogs and then of course along came internet gambling so that just made it so much easier.

Ask yourself the questions all of us on here have asked and if you find the answer to any of them is yes then there is your answer.

Good luck with your future you’re a brave guy to have posted your story on here now be brave for the biggest battle of your life and make you proud of you!

My name is Steven, I’m 41 and will always be a compulsive gambler but on New Years Day 2010 I sure have not had a bet today and the next time one of the Big Bookmakers need to carpet out a shop or put a big corporate event on at Royal Ascot it wont be with my hard earned wages.

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