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my story update
Hi Jock
I am from Australia, and all the pubs/clubs here have little cards in all the toilets re problem gambling. The legend on these cards is " Don't wait til you reach Rock Bottom "
Unfortunately, many of us have to reach that " Rock bottom " before we really want to stop. I am 52 years of age, have been working since I was 15.... what have I got to show for it ? NOTHING !
I am curently paying off 6 credit cards ( Yes SIX ) plus the house is now mortgaged to the tune of hundreds of thousands. Add to this the wages I have poured into gambling & you can see where this addiction can lead you. Don't be another me. You can be better than me. All you have to be is gamble free. I hope this story helps you decide which path you would like to take in your life.
best wishes
Hi Jock, This is not unusual and it sounds like you have not hit your rock bottom yet. It took me over 20 years after attending a GA meeting and thinking that 'I was not as bad as the others in that meeting'!! The next 20 years was devasting and after blowing hundreds of thousands of dollars and illegal activities I was virtually in the gutter before I realized that I had to surrender or I would probably have commited suicide. Whilst you have amunition to still keep gambling with your next bet will be around the corner waiting for you. You never explained your home situation but if there is someone who can take over your finances from you and that is after going back to GA (they will welcome you back) the better it will be for you. Money to us CG's is a very dangerous thing and we must also surrender this. If there is no one that can help in this way ask at the GA meeting and see what they suggest and then act on it. Even if you 'won your way out of it', that would not be the end as you would then think you could win more and so the vicious cycle continues. You should listen to all of the advice that you will receive on here and act on it.
Best wishes
Helen GA 10 years australia.

jock Wrote:My Story Update 29th December 2009 Dennis
It has been over a month since I attended my first GA meeting in Havant Hampshire. Everyone there was very supportive, but at the same time I felt that I did not belong as others at the meeting wanted to give up gambling, although I recognised that I had a problem I did not want to stop and wanted to win back the large sums of money that I had already lost indeed if only to pay back the Banks and the large sums of moneys loaned on my credit cards, surely this was the only way out of my problem , I still had some credit left and was being offered even more credit from the credit card companies. I don’t have a problem paying this back after all I still have a very good job I rationalised to myself.
Having made these excuse to myself rather than take up the offers of help and support that come from attending regularly GA meetings once again the gambling starts as always I loose on the bet and find myself in deeper debt.
Why did I not just take the help and support by attending the GA meeting regularly, can anyone else tell me why I still think I can do this on my own in the belief that I can actually win my way out of the problem. Any comments and advice would be appreciated.

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