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On the Brink of divorce...
Hello All

After months of gambling small amounts very often mostly on scratch cards and some football, with online casinos also for a time, I have had to admit to my wife I have a gambling addiction after she went through my bank statements at her request to see if she could understand why I had no money. Unfortunately it is not the 1st time I have lied to her about this so this was the final straw.

She has rightly kicked me out the door and told me to go and sort myself out before I can return to be a proper Dad and Husband. I fully intend to go to the next meeting available to me in my local area which looks to be Sunday 3rd January and get on the path to stop this evil habit actually costing me my family.

The problem stems from mostly going into shops buying a chocolate or drink then spending money on scratch cards, possibly doing this 2 or 3 times in a day. This would obviously mean that my money is not lasting long then I found myself lying that I don't know where it had gone as I must have spent it on lunches etc etc. The online casinos could see me spend money in little under 3 minutes!! I was always left with such an empty feeling after losing but never stopped myself from trying again.

I just want to put this right and make sure that I can stop the little moment of excitement that I get as I scratch the foil of the cards, or waiting to see if a footie result will win. As people on here will know it seems that moment gives you a thrill that must be missing elsewhere in my life and hope that the people at the meeting can help me quash it and find the strength to be spending that money on my wife and kids.

Thanks in advance for any help

Hi its not easy to stop but when you have truely had enough you will do whatever it takes,attending GA helps,take things one day at a time
take care
Thanks for the Post
I have attended my first GA Meeting and got some books from this to read through: It amazed me how accurate these books were as to my personality traits and shortcomings that led to the gambling.
I feel better for admitting my problem to my parents, siblings and close relatives as well as even my boss who have all been very supportive.
I am now 14 days since gambling in any fashion and feel better for it although I still get a "burning" in my chest when I think about scratch cards or lotto.
I have made a promise to my wife that I will beat this and prove to her she can trust and respect me once more, and am on the way to this by keeping receipts for everything I buy and simply not going into shops with scratch cards in at this early stage to avoid the temptation- although I feel strong on that front because I know I have but one chance to fix the mess I have made and move back in with my wife and 3 children and be the Husband and Dad that they deserve - not the useless gambler they have had for the past 2 years.
Thanks again all.

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