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Wanted to introduce myself to the new site.
Wanted to introduce myself to the new site.

My name is Steven, I’m 41 and a compulsive gambler.

I was in total denial for many years mainly coming from the fact that I worked for a bookmaker as well as being a punter. The great betting exploits and stories only mask a lifetime of pain for all concerned.

My wife left me, finally after years of my gambling as well as having to face up to her demons in life two years ago. We are now building a relationship as friends built on trust and honesty. I have great contact with my 5 year old daughter who for the first time this year I managed to buy Christmas presents for without help from my mother.

What have I learnt from a lifetime of gambling? Well gambling respects no person, no family and destroys all that it meets. I've never met a happy gambler, even if they are winning as it covers up for unhappiness, misery and a lack of self respect, esteem and fulfillment. Gambling is an addiction and an illness and to manage it and live with it we all need help so get along to your GA meetings and if its not for you find another one or another one or another one.

All the best to everyone and lets hope for a gamble free year. I found stopping on the 31st December a great start point, a notable date so anyone else out there stop today so at least from tomorrow you can say that you have not had a bet this year.

My name is Steven, I’m 41 and a compulsive gambler but god thank you for giving me the strength and character to be a loving Dad and strive to be a great role model in my daughter's life.
Steven-a great story to end 2009 and start 2010with. You should be proud of yourself and your strength. My husband has just walked in from his GA meeting and has not gambled for 15 months. You're both striving to be great role models for your children. Amanda x
Amanda thank you very much for your kind reply. I'm so pleased for you all especially at this time of year.

It's strange how things hit you at the most unexpected time. Your message made me very emotional, very proud and my self esteem rose just a little. People who we have never met often can have such an influence on our lives.

You take care and once again many thanks for taking the time to offer support to a person you have never met but probably in reality know so well.

My name is Steven, I’m 41 and a compulsive gambler and I will do my utmost not to have a bet today (1st January 2010 10.47am)

Happy New Year
I found what you said really interesting and had never considered that even a bookie could be a compulsive gambler. I have decided to follow your advice and have not had a bet today so hence am bet free this year. I know that may sound daft but it’s given me a real incentive to stop.
I have lost hundreds of thousands of pounds and have now realised that means my wife and children have as well and yet they have never placed a bet. It’s time that I grew up, stopped blaming other people and sorted my life out. I believe that there is a GA meeting in Newcastle on a Tuesday and I’m going to attend from next week.
I never thought I would ever admit this but my name is Nick and I have accepted that I am a compulsive gambler.

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