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Help needed

I am a 35 year old woman who has been gambling online now for 4 years. I was bankrupt 3 years ago and just started to rebuild my life and have started gambling again. For the last 3 months i have paid no bills and my car finance is well overdue. I work and have just been paid yesterday i have no money at all left to get through the month. I am desperate to quit gambling and just dont know what to do, im prob going to lose my car at some point which i need to be able to work.

please advise
Hi loulourocks

Have you been to a GA meeting?

The bills aren't going to be paid & won't go away, so I think you have to tackle the source of your financial problems.
If you can stop the gambling the money will be there for the bills.
I know it sounds simple, but it is very hard for gamblers to acknowledge that the "money tree" is barren sometimes.

I am from Australia & don't know whether you have access to free financial/budgeting advice, but I would suggest you try that avenue first. If you really need your car for work, then I think you either need to give the finance company some money as a form of good faith, OR at least ring them up and tell them that you acknowledge you are behind and let them know what you plan to do about it. You might be able to come to an arrangement with them. They would rather you pay them their money than default entirely. Don't hide from the problems, address each problem one at a time & work your way through them.

Sorry I can't be more helpful,
Best wishes
hi there,really sorry to here about your gambling problems,i am a recovering gambler of twenty years,i have been to yhe depths of dispair,and am fighting on a daily basis.the one thing that has got me trough are the meetings,please try and get to one .i know for sure if you carry on gambling you will loose more than your car,thats just the tip of the iceberg,i lost nealy everyyhing including my life.i wish you well and hope you can stop,i know you have it within you.godspeed and a bet free future.

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