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Rehab Centers
I am a compulsive gambler and I have tried & tried to quit. I am considering putting myself on a rehab center. Has anyone ever tried this? I am looking into 2 facilities in Florida.
Hi Cyharris,

You do not say where in the world you are, but Florida is in America. This is also the country where Gamblers Anonymous (GA) originated. Have you tried attending GA meetings? It may well be that the centre you choose uses a 'twelve step program' to help clients quit their addiction. Here in the United Kingdom we have a private facility called The Priory. Some GA members have attended this clinic and now find that coming to GA meetings is vital to their recovery.

I personally have only ever been to Florida as a tourist. I can recommend Walt Disney World and Sea Life especially if you go as a family. If you have the finances to attend a treatment centre in Florida it certainly sounds a better choice than wasting your money gambling. Perhaps you could let this forum know your findings when you have been?

Best wishes

'Poster' David (Barnsley)

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