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my life ended jan 4th 2010
my name is paul . jan 4th 2010 the bubble burst in my head and told my wife that i was gambling. i couldn't bear the lies anymore. she went berserk and quite right too. i then told her parents they weren't impressed. we were in debt so 8 months ago plus tried to get ahead of my self by being up one minute and down the next with this dread ful illness i couldn't take it anymore. with 2 young children and a wife to support i was out of control. she has told me she doesn't love me and can't stand the site of me and now wants to seperate. i went to my first GA meeting the following week. broke down emotionly in front of other gamblers wasn't a pretty site. so as i said 4th jan 2010 my life came crashing down and ended. the new me started 5th jan 2010. i am going to have to take this journey by myself. i attend GA every week it is a great help. i feel more positive that this cloud of lies is starting to lift. my wife well i hope she forgives me one day and realizes it is an illness and not just a bit of fun.
so for anyone who is worried about telling there other halves just be honest what will be will be. you are still the same person inside before this addition took hold don't forget that and be true to yourself. god bless
Hi Paul,

You may not be aware but 'Paul' in the bible used to be called 'Saul'. He didn't behave the best (I can't tell you all the details, or cite chapter and verse, as I only go to church now and then) but when he saw the light his life began anew. You too have the chance to start over.
Gamblers Anonymous (GA) is not affiliated to any sect, denomination, politics or institution. GA does not wish to engage in any controversy and neither endorses nor opposes any causes. Our primary purpose is to stop our gambling and help other compulsive gamblers to do the same.
Just because I attend a place of worship doesn't mean you have to. It will help you to change though (and cease gambling) if you attend GA meetings. There is no substitute for meetings. You can find your nearest one by clicking on the "meetings" tab from the "home" page. You have obviously already done this and are now a regular attender. Perhaps you can get more involved in your local group - making the tea (if your group provides a 'half-time' cuppa) can be very refreshing. Doing the washing up is also rewarding and if you hate these things (as I do) it feels even better! Just For Today........I will do something I don't want to do just for exercise.......

You are on the right road now Paul, keep attending, read your literature and get involved.

Yours in GA unity

'Poster' David (Barnsley)
hi mate thank you for sharing your story you are never alone in this we are all in the same boat you can start a new life away from gambling for me it was a new life when I stop gambling be going to GA for 5 years and never had a bet since I also help, on the help line support I am glad that you told your wife about if then you can have all the support from her as well in here they are meetings for family in GA support group so both of you can go together just keep posting in here you have a the advice you need

your friend in GA stephen
Thank you for sharing your story,we have all been where you have,and know exactly how it is and what youre going through.I could never,ever see myself even abstaining from gambling for 1 minute,let alone a day,or now 7 months,so there is hope and if youve really had enough,then you will succeed.You have done well to make these first steps and the door to recovery will continue to stay open and you will grow with each day and if you do the GA way,you will be saying this in 7 months.But just for today,say I will not gamble and just tackle that 1 day alone.Keep going,well done.Andy a compulsive gambler.

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