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I need serious advice and FAST. i want to commit suicide.
I have been gambling for 15 years I stop and start again over and over again, i write dates all over my house saying on this date i have stopped and will never do it again i have probably written over 100 dates. for 10 years i got credit cards and loans overdrafts, borrowed money from friends and every single time i lost. i didn't tell anyone for these 10 years. i am now 41 years old and up till now i do not recognize the guy i was when i was 20. my wife earns a fair amount but for the first 15 years of our marriage i did not contribute even a little i did work but spent all my salary on gambling i said to my wife that i was giving it to my family as they are not too rich. after my first 10 years i was in a debt and i told my wife. then we took a loan on our house to pay my debt off. after i that i stopped for 3 months, then i went back to it so for those 5 years i have been stopping and starting over and over again. now i am in a serious dilemma i have borrowed from 2 friends they want it back by the 1st of feb and the date today is the 26th one of the people i borrowed it from is a family friend if my wife finds out she says its over and i dont blame her, but i cant survive without my family i would prefer to die. and i cant get any credit cards/loans due to my bad credit scoring. what should i do?
Welcome, you will receive some very good constructive advice here and you need to follow it and don't ignore the ones who give it. First thing today when your read this you need to get on the GA hotline and speak with someone and then you need to get to your nearest GA meeting. Don't hestitate, it's sounds like you are at your 'rock bottom' and that believe it or not is the best thing for you and hopefully now it will spur you on to get help. I also did what you have done but for many more years until I hit my 'rock bottom' and finally got the right help from Gamblers Anonymous - this programe works but you will have to put in 100% effort - a great burden will be lifted off your shoulders and will be the start of your new life. I can't help you with your family problems but it's YOU that needs the help not them right now.
Suicide has gone through most compulsive gamblers minds at some time but this of course is not the answer and never will be. You have a very bad illness and YOU are NOT the bad person you think you are. Please take this advice and you come back after your first meeting and let us know how you are.
Take Care
i am only 18 and gamble everyday i play on the roulette and lose big amounts of money some of which is my EMA or work pay or even borrowed money.
Dear Serious Gambler,

Please call the Gamblers Anonymous (GA) helpline now (click on the "contact us" tab and scroll down to find the number for your area) and get to your nearest meeting later on. If you have your own transport get to a meeting tonight. Please get in touch tomorrow and let us know how you got on.

If you still feel suicidal having contacted GA please call the Samaritans on 08457 909090 (assuming you are in the UK) and talk to someone there about your feelings.

Please note, GA is not allied to any sect, denomination, politics or institution, does not wish to engage in any controversy and neither endorses nor opposes any causes. Our primary purpose is to stop our gambling and to help other compulsive gamblers do the same.

There is no substitute for meetings.

'Poster' David (Barnsley)

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