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Wife of a Compulsive Gambler
Hi, I am a wife of a compulsive gambler. I have been trying to help my husband get over his addiction now for 4 years. Last tuesday, I finally gave up. I decided to leave him and take my two children along with me. I sat down with him this morning after taking the kids to school. I talked to him and finally, he admitted to himself that he is addicted to gambling. He has finally agreed to join a GA meeting and at the moment we are trying to arrange our schedules so that I can help him attend those meetings.

I have seen the change that gambling does to a person. He is no longer the good and responsible man I first knew 7 years ago. We worked very hard to save money but he had lost it all and also put us in debt. I had to confide to my mother and sought advice through this past 4 years, but last tuesday, I think she had also reached the end of her patience. She used to advice me to help him and as a good wife support him to help him recover. But last tuesday, she had finally advised me to leave him. She said that no matter what advice we give him to admit to himself that something is wrong and seek help, he will not change, because he did not find it within himself to do so.

From our conversation today, I told him that this is the last time I will help him. If he does not go and have the initiative to find ways to help his addiction, we are going our separate ways.

I love my husband and when I gave my vows, I said, " for better for worse, for richer for poorer," I never realised that those same vows will come back to me to help strengthen me and help me give him another chance.

I am only praying that he will keep his commitment to help himself and save his family.

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