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done it again
hey everyone, my name is peter i am 23 years old. i have been gambling since i was about 16 but only became addicted at about the age of 20.

i used to have the occasional bet once a month or so on the football, never really won but didnt mind. my problem started when i started going to casinos aged 19/20. i loved those places i used to think they were so glamerous and was a place to make money quickly easily and have fun. well thats what i thought the first few timew when i was winning. as the weeks went by the bets got bigger, and bigger and bigger, the wins also got bigger but the the losses began to get huge!!!

when i first started going to the casino i would be furious if i lost on blackjack and would go home and not think about gambling. it then used to get to a point where i would use everything in my account to cover my lost bets and again these would lose. this vicious cycle continued until i went to GA last year. i have to say GA meetings worked for me. i went religiously every week for about 3-4 months and didnt bet once.

my problem was stopping going to the meetings i got a bit bored of them i think. i would find an excuse to stop going. i thought i was over my addiction but i wasnt. it started again and again. the cycle was just as above i started off with little bets, they got bigger and bigger and bigger until my whole bank accound depended on one blackjack hand inevitably it lost!!!!

november 16 2009 i had enough i stopped gambling, i told myself i have stopped for good this is the last time ..... and it was until today. i went to the bookies went on the blackjack machine, placed a bet and won, then another and won i was winning and i loved it. the bets got bigger and i lost so they got bigger and i lost. my wallet was empty i ran across the road to the cash machine got maximum money out and bet big and lost again and again. so i went to the bank convinced i could win more back got a load of cash out went back and lost again. i felt ill, i wanted to vomit, i couldnt believe what had happened and in such a short time. yesterday i felt confident i wasnt a gambler anymore that i was strong, now i feel sick and weak and i know i am a gamble. it hurts me, it hurts my family but most of all i am hurting the most important person in my life my girlfriend.

i am working nights the next two weeks but after that i will be attending the GA meetings again. i cant say it will never happen again as it always has so far but i can say i am going to work so hard to decrease the frequency that it happens and hopefully with the help of GA i can stop for good.

i will keep you posted over the next two weeks, all support is welcome,

thanks for reading my story
Hang in there mate,

I am replying as I feel very similar to your situation.

I have turned back to gambling many times before and the sick feeling after losing every penny was still not enough to stop me. Not sure why as I am normally quite sensible. Just something about it I guess.

I too am stopping now and haven't had a bet for 1 week. ( thats pretty good for me!!)

Sounds like you did very well the last time and I am sure you can do it again. What helps me stop gambling is thinking of where I can take my girlfriend on holiday or for dinner with the money that I am not losing on roulette machines. I hope you get the help you need and can enjoy many gambling free years.

Good luck I hope you do it

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