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My name is John I am 43 and I have a serious problem. Since my early 20s I have been gambling. It has now came to a head and I know I need to and have to stop FOR GOOD.
I have a lovely wife and two fantastic kids, I have admitted all to my wife and family. This time she has stood by me (again) however next time I know all will be lost.
I work away from home for weeks at a time and it is impossible to gamble out here, I have been visiting this website since then and have been getting my head around what I need to to to overcome my addiction. My first step when I get home is to vist GA.
I also need to get my family life back. My boy is only two and all he has seen is his father on the laptop night after night playing poker.I have time to think out here and is sickens me. I have a lot of bridges to build.
My wife says she is copeing since I admitted my problem and my or should I say our debt, because as you know it just doent affect myself but her too. That disney trip I promised is now cancelled. She has started to help rebuild our relationship and I can only hope she can cope.

Hope to hear from anyone John
Hi JackTheMan

Welcome. I hope you review some of the previous posts on this site as you will find a lot of helpful info.

GA will be a bit of an eyeopener for you. Just be honest with yourself.

Best wishes

My name is also john and i am a compulsive gambler.

Please make sure you go to your first meeting on the first day you are back home. If you are having difficulty leading up to that, call the helpline. That's what I did. The neetings can help you in more ways then just stopping you making that next bet. When you have the urge (and i stole this line fromawise gentleman in my group):
When you place a bet, there are only 2 options. You either win or lose. If you win, you going to want to keep playing, when you lose, you want to win your money back.
You have to admit you are helpless and the machines have beaten you.

I hope you will go to your first meeting and for the first 90 days, go to as many as possible. GA will help the people that want to be helped. One day at a time.

All the best,


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