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Its now 218 days without a bet for me and still things dont seem to get any better.Im always broke,always,and nothing changes there,but its not being broke that bothers me,its just the constant struggle of trying to keep my head above water,with so mant stresses of bills,bills,more bills,and more.I know if I gamble everything will become absolutely impossible,but surely 1 day it may get easier?Or is that the day Im dead?I dontknow if its gambling over the years,but there is never any joy,never any happiness and never any good things happening in my life and in fact ive forgotton what it was like to experience any of that and forgotton what it was like to even smile.Maybe its the gambling or just the relentless stress and misery of this thing we call life.But I havent had a bet today and just for today I wont gamble.Andy.

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