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if you want a good life have one
Hello my name is geoff and i have been gambling since 16 at first it was just fun having small bets on dogs and horses. As i got older i earned more money and would spend every spare mniute in the book makers straight after work untill the bookmakers closed, never once thinking of getting changed or something to eat. as my freinds and close circle started to live abroad/uni/etc all i did was work, sleep and GAMBLE by then i had to book half days from work so i could gamble 10-12 hours a day. Eventually i would start betting bigger and bigger always with my trusty mate the bankcard, it got to the point where i was working 60-70 hour weeks untill one day i blew several thousand and went of work sick a job i had done for 11years on. That was not enougth to stop me gambling in fact it allowed me to bet every day from when the bookies opened to when they shut day in day out. you may ask where i got my money from but i didnt spend any money never went out just gambled and with the help of 5 loans and parents who i abused by stealing, conning, threating them. I am now 34 and i bring you in to my last year of gambling where i was gambling more than ever with money and time i was also self harming, attacking others and very depressed to which i have tried the ultimate cowardley act.
TODAY i have been gamble free for 13 months iam now studying accountancy nand bookeeping and have my freinds back ( one i am visiting for a holliday in italy) my mum and dad can now talk to me with out fear of what might happen and above all i have my lovelly sister back to who i owe more than words could say and aftre i put her trough some terrible things when she had the loss of a husband who never said one bad thing about the shamefull things i did SHE IS NOW MY ROCK HELPIN ME TO GA MEETINGS 4-5 TIMES A WEEK AND HOLDING MY MONEY. So a huge thanks to family, freinds, ga manchester and one day at a time life gets better no police, ambullances, banks, just real life MY NAMES GEOFFREY AND I AM A COMPULLSIVE GAMBLER.

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