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my wife is a gambler
my wife is a compulsive gambler and i need some help, recently she has been gambling money that does not belong to her. I work nights and cannot keep an eye on her as much as i would like, we have been married for 18 years and i always new that she liked a little flutter on the slot machines, when we moved to LONDON i thought it had stopped then one afternoon when i got up she was not in the house so i went to look for her and i found her sitting in the ammusements just putting money in as if it was going out of fashion. When i approached her she told me that she had spent the rent money and if i waited long enough she was hoping to win it all back, this never happened, it got really serious when we nearly lost our house because she left us in arrears. Now i left her and went to live with my son, but not to let her pay it all i have been paying the arrears off every week and have got it down and i have moved back in. Karen was told to collect a cheque for when we arrived with the dog she was given cash and i have just found out on the 18/2/10 she had spent the money and they now are asking i dont want to leave her but it is getting harder is there any suggestions and could you help.
Hi there, the problem with people who gamble is that you should never trust them with money. They will lie about almost everything to get a little bit of money to gamble e.g grocery money. Always get receipts when you give her cash and do not leave money around the house. If she has credit cards or anything like that you need to confiscate them otherwise she will end up spending her money and expect you to pay all the bills!!!. It might be hard taking control of both your finances but hopefully it will be for the best. Just make sure to keep a close eye on her and hopefully she will see the error of her ways or seek help with her problem.

Kind Regards, Richard

Hope i wasn't too negative :S

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