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Meetings - Leeds/Wakefield
I'm unsure as to how regular GA hold meetings in Leeds/Wakefield? Can someone confirm please?
I've never attended a meeting before but i'm desperate for help & I need to
Dear Lost Cause,

Thankyou for making contact with Gamblers Anonymous (GA). Meetings are the vital part of the fellowship, your enquiry as to how often and whereabouts they are could be the start of your recovery from this insidious disease.
If you click your mouse on the "Meetings" section (top right) and then select "North East" right hand side under "MEETINGS" then a drop down list will appear of the meetings in the North East region. This is in alphabetical order. Leeds is between "Hull" and "Lincoln" on the list, click on "Leeds" and you will see there are meetings in this city on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Clicking on the BLUE writing will bring you up a map of whereabouts the meeting is. Similarly "Wakefield" is listed between and "Sheffield" and "York". Meetings in Wakefield city are on Thursdays and again a map can be accessed by clicking on the BLUE writing.

Hope this helps.

I would recommend that you get yourself to a meeting as soon as you can. Today is Saturday, so you can attend Sheffield tomorrow night. If you can't wait until then, get yourself down to the capital and there is a meeting at 8pm at London Central (click Southern A-L, London Central).

There are no "lost causes" in GA and its never too late to join (the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop gambling), come on down and meet friends you didn't know you had who will be only too willing to assist your recovery by sharing their experience, strength and hope.

There is no substitute for meetings. Avail yourself of one as soon as you can.

Kind regards

'Poster' David (Barnsley)

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