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ive never felt soooo low
my gambling has been bad 4 years but never this bad.i dont know who i am anymore. before all this started i was a reliable an trustworthy person. now i lie an cheat. im so scared im going to lose my partner of 15 years when he finds out ive been spending his money on stupid bingo and fruit machines. i hate myself. i havnt a clue what 2 do , can any1 help me plz..
Just be honest, thats a good start.
Can I suggest taking steps to stop your gambling by attending a G.A. meeting? There is a list on this site- find one near you, and reap the benefits of listening to other people who share the same problem as you, and have managed to beat it. Many of these people will have told their partners about their addictions, and those experiences will be invaluable to you. And if the meetings don't work for you- what have you lost? A couple of hours of your time.

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