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Worst time of it
Hello all, just joined and thought I would make my first post.

I am desparately seeking help now since my problem has hit an all time low.

Im 23 and have been gambling properly since I was 18. Weather its FOBT's, Online or Fruit machines.

I get these really bad cravings to play even when iv lost loads. Over the years I have had many lows such as being overdrawn and owing a lot in bank charges. Spending my 21st birthday money gambling, Blowing all my wages numerous times. Borrwing off friends and family and lying about why I needed it.

It seems in the past if i quit 1 type of gambling I start doing the other again. For a while I was in the arcade everyday playing. Then I tried to stop, had a week away and ended up turning to online gambling.

My all time low started at christmas. I promised myself that was it. No more. Never. But no sooner had the money gone in was I gambling again.

The complete wakeup call happened over the past few days. Annoyed about losing my winnings at christmas I gave up trying to quit and played now and again. A week ago I won. Wow I thought and again I told myself that was it. No more. Never again. But you can guess what I did. Saturday I finished work and checked the cashpoint. Some of the winnings had been paid. So i took money out intending to buy shopping and go home with it and give some to my family then keep the rest stored away at home so i couldnt gamble it. At first I was good with it. I went and got shopping in. But then a massive slip happened....

There was a nagging feeling and realy bad urges saying "go on, go to the arcade... you havent been in ages.. play on the fruit machines... you could win a few more quid or at worst only be a few quid down". Needless to say I gave in to that urge. At 1 point I was a few quid up... but I didnt leave... I then became down... but nope I wanted that money back... I played on another machine and ended up a total down. It completey fed me to gamble so what did I do??? I stupidly thought "well, the chances are I'll be able to make that back if I play blackjack in the bookies"... and off I went.

In the bookies i sat at the FOBT... then put another load of notes in... again it was lost in a few minutes. Again I didnt walk away... I wanted that few more quid... just 1 or 2 more quid... and nope.. I lost and walked out with empty pockets overall (including spare change I had on me)
I went back to the cashpoint and went home... but that evening didnt get any better...

I felt ill with the losses of the day... and things were just about to get a lot worse.

I had this nagging feeling all evening telling me I should gamble on a few websites and make that money back... and thats what i did. Lost it. That was my bank empty.

It was nearly midnight and i checked my balance online... The final money had been paid into my bank... and still I was trying to recover I had lost in total that day... I lost all of that money and most of what was in my savings account. More than anything I want and need to stop. I dont want any cravings. I dont want to lose anymore money. I just want to enjoy my life and the money I get instead of losing every penny I have gambling
Hi, we as compulsive gamblers have all been where you are, i was, i can relate totally to your story. You are young have got the rest of your life ahead of you. You need to get to your nearest GA meeting and open up your heart, confess all, start being honest with people around you, spill the beans to your loved one/ones. Can somebody control your money, are you ready to cut off your money supply yet ? cos that must be considered. I have every sympathy with you but you can turn this around. admit that the gambling is controlling you and get to your next meeting, best of luck
Hi must-quit-now

Your story describes very well ,we the compulsive gamblers. We have all done what you have described. Don't be ashamed at admitting it.
You are being very honest with yourself. You do have a problem. That problem can, and will get worse unless you get the help you need.
GA will be a great step for you to take. You are still a "spring chicken". Don't waste the rest of your life on this addiction. You can beat it just as thousands of others have.

A bit of friendly advice... With everything being available on the net these days, you can google the odds of "winning" on any form of gambling. Do the research. The house always wins in the long run, as the odds are always stacked in their favour. Use this knowledge to your benefit.


How many casinos have you heard of that went bankrupt?... NONE.

How many gamblers have gone bankrupt?...PLENTY.

Best wishes on your new journey

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