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once again
here i am again sat at my computer head in hands wondering why i have done what i have just done.... i have lied to my family my girlfriend and myself.

this has to stop it has to stop now. i have got into a really bad habit... an addiction of wanting things for free, i want them without paying my money for them so i gamble, i gamble till i get the money. and it has worked in the past i have bought a nice watch or a present for my girlfriend. but its going too far.

i walked into a bookies today determined to make money for myself. needless to say i lost, i lost alot... then i won it all back and even won on a lottery ticket. i then went to the gym on my way home stopped at the bookies, with a whole wad of cash in my wallet and in 7 hands of blackjack it was all gone. i wasted hundreds on a stupid computer generated blackjack.

i feel terrible i really have hit rock bottom with this. i want to put an end to it. i am 24 now and i dont want this to ruin my life. i am too young to be doing this. i really am too young to be in this much debt and addicted to gambling its a joke.

i am going to go to a meeting on wednesday. i need to go so i can stop.
Hi Luke

"i am going to go to a meeting on wednesday. i need to go so i can stop."

Going to a meeting is a good step in the right direction BUT unless you REALLY want to stop wont! The meeting is not going to MAKE you stop. It is an aid to you only. What you get out of it, and what you do with it is entirely up to you.

That being said, go to the meeting with an open mind, a willingness to at least listen, and above all else be HONEST. I don't mean be honest when'if you tell your story at the meeting.
Be honest with yourself. Do you really want to stop? If you do want to stop, then GA can help you.
It wont be easy, but many thousands have abstained from gambling thru the help of GA.

The first meeting can seem very odd/strange to newcomers. Do yourself a big favour and persist for at least 4 meetings. It does make sense!

Best wishes

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