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About time I admit it
Righto, here goes.

I have a terrible gambling addiction, and only now can realise I've had it since I was 16. I'm now 23 and the problem is just as bad today as ever.

I used to be in the Royal Navy and travelled quite alot of the world, visiting many countries etc, but regardless od where I was in the world, my first question about the place would be where the nearest casino was.

I started out playing slot machines as a kid at the bowling alley and at amusements, but then applied my brain a bit and took up Poker as a way of making money.

I've lost a considerable amount in the past and sometimes I've made a very wealthy profit, but more times than not I've been left with nothing in my pockets.

The lowest time in my life was living alone in Cornwall, when I was in the Navy. By the 9th of the month I had gambled away all my wages, not even considering what I'd do with the next 22 days without food. I ended up surviving on hot chocolate and 3 tiger barms I had. That was probably the worst time of my life.

I've since left the Navy and now have a partner and a little boy, so my priorities have to change but I don't know how to do it. I try to not gamble, but somehow end up back in the same old places gambling more and more until I have no money left whatsoever.

I WANT to give in, and I've tried in the past. The longest I lasted was 66 days, but as that's my lucky number, I thought one wouldn't hurt and fell straight back into my gambling routine.

My fiance knows of my problem and is incredbly supportive in helping me, but I feel embarassed and ashamed of what I do, which makes me reluctant to find help.

I plan on attending meetings here in Liverpool asap, but have no idea what to expect. Anyone able to give me any insight please?

I already feel better just for sharing this.

Hi JofishDee

Re GA meetings. Try & get there about 10 minutes early. Introduce yourself as a newcomer. From that point on you will be well cared for. If you do feel like "sharing" at your first meeting,
be honest...nobody is going to judge you. Your fellow GA members can help you if you let them.

There is no need to feel ashamed or embarassed about attending GA. We all have the same weakness. Better to try & treat our problem rather than ignore it.

You will aslo be told at the meeting to give control of your finances over to someone else if possible. No gamble.

Best wishes

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