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need to realise that cant keep doing it.
im 26 years old and go regulary to the town centre where i spend most of my money flitting from 1 bookies to another it has come to a head today as i went to pawn my phone at a certain shop, and now im bk to the same story going round in circles chasing money that havent got. this isnt a new situation as i have been gambling for abt 10years but i think this is the point where i need to turn the corner and try to make something of myself. if i dont do this then i will most likley end up having to move out and i thnk i would completley lose it without being at home, im going to go to the GA meeting in bradford next friday , but do i tell my mother i am going as she knows i have this problem and do i take her with me? sometimes she can be a help and other times she is just well not a people person and this shows in the arguments that we have had relating to my gambling. im new to this addmitting that i do have a problem , and i need help to get better before i just carry on and do the same old.
Where are the meetings held in Bradford mate?

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