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Hi Paris

Your an angel - you are an amazing woman, and dont let him bring you down. All gamblers pass on the problem to those close to them, they dont mean too, they just cant handle what they do, they have to blame those close to them for being an addict, a gambler, whatever. DONT let him bring you down. You have given him support, brilliant, you have been there for him. NOW look after number one. You have given him chances, you have supported him, you must please now look after yourself. It is going to have to be radical to stop this now - you must take full control of the finances - credit cards? be sure, gamblers are very clever at hiding what they do - be sure about credit cards, be sure he hasnt got anymore on the go. You must try and get him to talk, if not Paris, please, do what it takes to care for you. Make him leave if neccessary, but please dont let him bring you down to rock bottom - you are not the one in the wrong.

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