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Y cant i stop
I have just been paid today along with my staff bonus, i have also been working loads of over time for what, it has taken been less than half a day to lose my wage. I was just chasing my money and i cant seem to stop till i run out of money. I have just come clean to my mum and my girlfriend and we are having a sit down talk tonight, my mums understands as because since her and my dad got a divorce she been hitting the wine ever since.

i dont why i do it , i am guna get parental controls on my lap top and get my girlfriend to have my cards, but i know when i get paid i will want to gamble because i have debt, i just want this debt to go away and i feel free again , i wont seem to think gambling is the best way to make money,

i want to stop and i feel great coming clean , i just dont dare go to a meeting, and by what ive read on hear today does sounds like the meeting are worth while, im only 23 , what i am doing to myself

thanks for reading , Alex

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