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New Post - Wish to attend GA mtg in Surrey area?
Hi Guys,
Where do you start? 45 year old, quite successful, in a full time job, with a new partner, 8 year old step daughter and 1 year old baby boy, Personal life could not be better! Just finished a messy divorce-gambling as the reason for the divorce as the solicitors could get more money for her, although I am now in a great relationship.
I work away from home Mon-Fri. My new partner is aware of my problem and is supportive at the moment, but this is only if she can trust me - which as we know from people with this problem, is not easy? However, been gambling (Horses) on and off for about 20 years - never saw it as a problem until about 5 years ago and again recently. My gambling 1st got serious about 8-10 years ago after the bereavement of my mother (father already passed away) but as I was paid quite well at the time, I was always able to manage it or increase my overdraft/take a loan-banks/cards were always offering deals. During the last 2 years I would guess I have gambled tens of thousands.
About 2 months ago I gambled my whole months wages and lost, I was deverstated-this was when my partner really 1st realised my problem, I was able to borrow from a friend to pay the bills and this was paid back last week from my partners savings. However, just got paid again on Friday (normally 20th each month), I did not have any bets on the races at Cheltenham last week, although I did check the results-which considering the status of cheltenham was a major achievement, but I had a major wobble again yesterday and blew the whole months wages again in the afternoon!! My bills will be due out of my account within the next few days, I did'nt tell my partner when I spoke with her last night. She has already made it quite clear that she would give me a chance but that was when this happen a couple of months ago, now this!!

I was not sure how she would take this when I told her tonight, I was hoping to tell her face-to-face tomorrow but she could tell from the tone of my voice that something was not right, so I told her. We did'nt discuss anything and put the phone down. I am not sure how she has taken the news, but know that she is not happy - not sure if this wil be the end of our releationship! This is hurting me so much.

I need some help and support to stop my gambling habit, is there any GA meeting in the Surrey area or lincolnshire area at weekends?

Any help and advice, greatly received.

hi there,
There is a list of meetings on this site find ur area, and the nearest one that you could attend? Surrey is quite a large area, but, there is a meeting in Kingston on a Monday evening at 8pm. See the list for details of address etc. I hope you make a meeting asap you will be made to feel very welcome, and, with ur inner strength you can obtain a new life by attending GA meetings regularly. Ive been attending 4years now and have never gambled since the day i walked into the rooms. Admitting you are powerless over gambling and your life has become unmanageable is the first step, seems that you are already there.

Hope this has been of some help to you, keep strong


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