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Hi Andy, Helen here! Course your life has improved without gambling. Think about the stress, the sleepless nights and the juggling of finances. Things must have gotten better on these things alone. Are you working the twelve steps Andy? have you a sponsor from your GA group? Don't even think that your life will improve if you go back to the dreaded gambling. Come back on here and post a bit more often, especially when you are feeling that things are not improving. Go offer some of your time to an organisation that may be helping other people get their lives back on track. Talk about your feelings in the GA meeting - don't hold back, there will be others who feel the same as you do.
Anyway Andy I still remember the first time you posted on here and what despair you was in, I can tell the improvement in you so just don't even think about gambling again.
You take care because there are people on here who care about you - me for one.
Helen - Australia

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