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My name is Andy and Im a compulsive gambler.I have now managed 260 days without a bet,which for me seemed absolutely impossible before.Fortunately ive managed to steer clear of it.Buut life still doesnt seem any easier,in fact its twice as hard as it was 12 months ago,still always broke and just fighting to keep head above water,so nothing has changed there.I have an empty life and nothing really to keep going for and often I wander is it worth it.Gambling has me licked yes,but I feel that so has life.Almost every bit of enthuseasm for life has been sucked out of me and although I do want it back,I just cant seem to see where it will ever return.I hate and detest gambling and hope I never return to it,but I fear that I will be sucked back into it one day,purely because Im so frustrated and bored of living.Andy

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