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Thank you Helen for your continued support and kind words.I havent done any of the things youve suggested nor have I even read the book for ages,no excuses,just a head full of non stop stress every day about staying afloat in life.And probably because I have far too much time on my hands and Im alone 99.9% of the time its no wander that ive gone insane and do too much thinking.
All my friends are settled down,and with someone and I hardly ever see what family I have.I do try and keep busy and very active doing many sports and gym,but its not enough and motivation is far too low.All I know is that today I havent gambled and some 262 days clear from it,I cant see any changes in me and I havent really changed my lifestyle,in fact I merely exist from day to day and I dont really know what makes me get up everyday as there is just nothing in my existance that is really worth getting up for.Andy

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